Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a baby shower!

I was so spoiled on Sunday when Anthea and Mary hosted a baby shower for our little girl. It was so special having the girls together and celebrating the upcoming new little one! The shower was held at our home so that everyone could have a squiz at her nursery. :)

The girls went all out with decorating and creating food that was delicious (even for those of us on restricted diets at the moment!). They set to work early, setting tables and decorating. My mum and mother in law also helped with the food and setting up. And Rachel was a trooper when clean up time happened!

The decorating begins!

Some of the delicious food... including the infamous meatloaf cupcakes.

One of the styles of fabric bunting

Punch and pretty things

Love, love, love this!

Over the kitchen bench

Once the place was looking FANTASTIC it was time for the guests to arrive! :) 

We mingled for a while at the start...

With my friend Raya who is also due early January !
hello Jules and Jen! 
         lovely to see Em again (her mum is a master quilter!).                    Enjoying the food table with Rach.                            

Ish with Mary and Anth
Carolyn and Ish- we've been friends since year 7.
It was soon time for games. 

More on that later...

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