Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's my birthday!

Lemon Curd Bite 2
The lemon curd bites that I'd like to eat tonight if I could!

Today I turn 31! :)
Who can answer this for me? Why is it that the older we get, the less exciting birthdays feel?

That said, the day has been quite fun. Better than I expected.

I had breakfast with 2 girl friends at home this morning, then headed in to school for the Junior Unit Christmas party. It was lovely to see the kids and to catch up with some parents (hi Trudi!).

Tobes treated me this morning with a new laptop. :) My 'old' one is leased from school so won't be mine for much longer. I'm looking forward to using the new one.  So much more room and more powerful so I can actually do some photo things on it too. Could be good if I decide to start my photography business in the next few years.

Tonight we're off for dinner at a favourite Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate with Lois (Toby's mum), Anthea (Toby's sister) and Frank (Anthea's partner).

And Tobes just came home with a lovely bunch of flowers for me. Beautiful!  

I have the air-conditioner on here. It's 30 degrees Celsius and for the first time this pregnancy, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable.

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