Thursday, December 8, 2011

31 before 31.. how did I go?

In January this year I blogged about a list I put together. It was called 31 before 31.
It listed 31 things that I wanted to achieve by today, my 31st birthday.
Let's have a look and see how I went!

1. See the Eifel Tower- done!
This was an amazing experience. We found Paris to be a place of real contrasts- rich/poor, clean/dirty, fancy/slobby...but I LOVED this part of our time in Paris. I'd get excited each time we saw the tour and we walked by it every night. Of course, the night we (finally) had the chance to go to the top of the tour was extra special because it was on that day that we discovered we were pregnant. 

2. Go on The Sound of Music tour- done!  
The hills were alive indeed. Lots of singing and movie references were scattered around our 3 nights in Salzburg. This has been a favourite movie of mine for years. As a child I would get up very early in the morning to watch it before school (crazy I know!). It was amazing to be where it was all set- to feel like I was living in the movie. Even Toby was blown away by the beauty of the area.

3. Eat pizza... & gelati & cheese & tomatoes & wine in Italy- done!  
And with style. I would return to Italy in a heartbeat. It would be AWFUL to have diabetes in Italy- their pasta and focaccia and pizza is amazing. It's worth travelling there for the food alone. Eat, pray, love had it right when you go to Italy to eat! Cheap wine, fresh seafood, simple food. I don't think that I've ever been happier after eating than I was in Italy. The forth photo in the top row is representative of how we returned home each night from our evening meals. Big smiles across our faces and feeling very satisfied. It's no surprise that bubs was 'made in Italy'. :)

4. Meet some of Toby's European family members- done!  
It was wonderful to meet the people that Toby has told me about over the years and to get a better feel for Frank, Toby's dad who I never got to meet. Staying with family for sections of our trip was a real highlight.

5. Settle into a new church home- done!  
We've been attending our new church since returning from Europe and have become a part of a great small group. We love the people there and look forward to getting more involved in the years to come.

6. Begin trying for a baby- done!  
This one was blacked out as being private in the original post, but what a blessing... we got pregnant the month before trying! Here's the test result and me on that day.and me on Monday...quite the difference!

7. Photoshoot something at sunrise- Something to try next year!

8. Eat pizza at Giant Steps again- done!

9. Have a picnic with Toby and take photos- we did have a little picnic of fish and chips by the river, but not as I meant when I set this goal. Next year!

10. Bake a Red Velvet Cake- done!

11. Get more done of my sheep cross stitch- done!
Hopefully this will be finished by time that bubs arrives!

12. Begin a veggie patch at home- we have a rocking herb patch but again, not what I had in mind. Next year again.

13. Blog at least once per week- I had some months when I did this, but I've preferred to let this blog be more of a 'write when inspired' thing. That said, I do intend on keeping quite regular. I hope that this will be a bit of an outlet for me next year.

14. Walk at least twice per week- again... this has been inconsistent. I've walked most days for the last few months but certainly have not been consistent throughout the year. I have lost a bit of weight this year though and that was the intention of walking, so I guess it's a win.

15. Photoshoot Marysville post fires- nope. :(

16. Write letters to Cooper every month- CLOSE! But I did miss a month or two. I've loved getting closer to Coops through this though and I know that he loved getting letters in the mail.

17. Pay off a chunk of our mortgage- done!

18. Get to farmers markets where possible- done!

19. Bake a loaf of bread- another time.

20. Establish more consistent quiet times- Hmm... how did I go with this one. There were times where I did this more and where I enjoyed some journalling and reflection. I've enjoyed being a part of our small group and growing with them. On reflection, taking the pressure off of myself and allowing some time to 'be' has been good, coming out of our previous church experience. There may be some more down time for me I think, but I do hope that I will desire to spend more time with God in the coming year.

21. Look into IPL- done, and decided against it.

22. Be creative in everyday lift- done!

23. Take photos every week- done, though sometimes on my iphone! Next year will be more on the DSLR.

24. Scrapbook with friends- 3 times done... more times than three!!!

25. Share my faith with others- hard to know if I should cross through this one? I feel like I have, but not in an in your face way... I think that I like this way better. I'm crossing it through! 

26. Get a professional massage- done, in the past 2 months for pregnancy. It's been VERY good!

27. Focus on the positive- done, and feeling better for it!

28. Be a supportive friend and family member- hope that I've done this!

29. Cook something from every Donna Hay magazine- not quite, but we made a fair dint in it. :(

30. Drink more water-  done!

31. Go on a camping trip with Toby- no proper camping holiday, but we did spend 3 nights in the tent at mum and dad's beach house in January! :)

and that's it...30 is over and 31 is here. I'm pretty happy with how I went. Now to start thinking about my 32 before 32 list!

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