Friday, March 16, 2012

I love...

I love these photos.

I love that they are us right now.

I love the way that Matilda is looking into my eyes.

I love that they were taken at our friends wedding.

I love the light and the view in the background.

I love the smile and the cheeky sparkle in Toby's eye. He loves us.

I love that she got to wear that cute, pink dress.

I love that my dress was a bargain that mum found... and that I was able to duck out and buy shoes (and a maternity bra too... ahem) to match in less than an hour while mum watched Tilly. And that it all happened days before the wedding.

I love that they show something of the messiness of my mind at the time. See that hair tie? And my hair style? Yep... my hair was down and looking nice, but I felt hot when feeding Tilly at home before the reception and quickly threw my hair up with what was on my bedside table. Cute, but can't say it really matches my dress! I noticed eventually, about 3 hours after this photo was taken and 1 hour after my milk started leaking. Classy! 

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