Wednesday, March 14, 2012

project gratitude: 0314

March 14: Today I am grateful for Sandy. He's been very flat and unwell for a few weeks now but hasn't eaten for the last 5 days or so. He's been getting weak and we noticed that his breathing sounded a bit noisy. I booked a vet appointment yesterday for this evening... but then changed it to this afternoon.
He spent the afternoon at the surgery and had a chest x-ray to try and work out what's been going on. It turns out that my little man has feline asthma, with thinning of his airways and a cloudiness in his lungs clearly evident on the films. He was given a shot of cortisone and a tablet course for a week. He's home again and seems to have more energy already (the wonders of cortisone!).

It's always hard with pets isn't it.
How much do you spend?
How far do you go to save them?

We are glad that we weren't placed in a situation where we had to decide between spending lots of money and his life. Hoping that he continues to improve.

The picture below was taken this morning before heading to the vet.

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