Saturday, March 17, 2012

project gratitude: 0317

March 17: today I grateful for time out.
It's been a great day. Tilly fell back to sleep a little before 9am so I left her with Tobes and ducked out to a baby and kids market. I scored all of the clothes in the below picture for $11! :)
We then celebrated little Winton at his full moon party and I ate the best roast pork belly I've ever tasted! Lots of lovely catching up with old friends too. Tilly slept the whole lunch and got to wear her wedding outfit again. So cute!
Toby went for a bike ride in the afternoon so Tilly and I walked to the local primary school fete. I bought her two headbands. Lots of tummy time on the back verandah in the sun waiting for Toby to return.
Back at home I began baking for an afternoon tea tomorrow. I'm branching out with my baking- today I made chocolate lace biscuits and jam drop biscuits. The look like they're from a cafe! :)

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