Sunday, May 13, 2012

Then and Now

Today was my first Mother's Day. I'll blog more about that another day. :)

After lunch I decided to try and reenact a favourite photo of mine from my past. 

It was taken in 1981 in my late grandparents garden, of mum and I on our first Mother's Day.

We braved the freezing temperature outside (around 10 degrees... maybe i'm a little soft!) and ventured into our front garden. We donned Tilly in the same outfit that I wore on my first Mother's Day. The dress and cardigan were knitted by my late grandma- Tilly's great-grandma which made it extra special. Mum got a little emotional seeing her dressed as I was.

The colours are different in my shot and Tilly is a month older than I was at the same time, but I love that we shot them. I love that I'm starting to see more and more of me in Tilly.  I love that mum kept so many of my old clothes and that Tilly gets to wear them too. And I'm glad that I remembered to take these today.

Then and now...    
Mother's Day 1981

Mother's Day 2012

Tilly with a smile that reminds me of mine at her age.


  1. She's just gorgeous Bec! I love this stage!

    1. Thank you Anonymonous! :) It is certainly a fun stage... and we think she's gorgeous too!

  2. Lovely photos Beck. It is amazing how quickly they grow. Make the most of these early years. Barbara


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