Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Matilda the bookworm

This is what I walked into Tilly's room to discover this afternoon!

We had enjoyed a fun (and noisy!) visit with our mother's group and were beginning the wind down for her afternoon sleep.  Both Tilly and I went to the front of the house, I to my bedroom to collect something and she to hers. When I returned not long after, this is what I saw.

A quiet, content Tilly, nestled amongst her books, slowly turning the pages and taking each one in before moving onto the next book. She would sometimes go back to an earlier book to reread it and then move on once more.

It made me so happy to see her loving her books. I emailed the photo to Toby and he replied saying "looks like Tilly might be a book worm!" Although she is becoming more of an extrovert, I'm glad that she also knows when she needs some quiet time out and that she is happy to have some alone time occasionally.

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