Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coops and I

Sandcastlle building in Broadbeach. Mum snapped
this photo of us from the balcony of the apartment.

I've been looking through some old photos recently and wondering where the time has gone! Most of these photos were taken on a family holiday that we went on in August 2007. There is one taken in September 2007 at a final soccer game for the season where Rach, Coops and I went to support the boys. 

What strikes me is how much Cooper has grown since then! He is so small and round faced in these photos.
These were the days that he loved jumping into photos and smiling BIG. When he and I would sit in the back seat of the hire car and listen to '20 good reasons' by Thirsty Merc, with Coops slurring through the words of the chorus enthusiastically. He loved The Wiggles and couldn't get enough of Wags the dog (now it's Ty that's Wiggles obsessed!). It was a time when I was 'Arnie Bear' because he couldn't quite get his mouth around Auntie Beck. 

Coops and I still have a good relationship but like everything, it's changed over the years as he has grown up more. Now we are drawing buddies. When he gets to mum and dad's he asks to go to the craft room. We collect our supplies and spend time drawing posters, making masks and models. He wants to be out in the backyard- kicking the footy, playing tennis. He enjoys sleeping over here in the school holidays and having some computer time. And this year I have been writing him letters- initially monthly but I've got slack. He loves getting his post in the mail and casually says to me, "thanks for the letter!".

Cooper is a very special boy. In 4 more years time he will be 11 years old! What will I have to write about him then?   

Currumbin Sanctuary Aug07

Soccer supporting Sep07
Dreamworld Aug07
Seaworld Aug07

At the Aquarium Dec10 
Riding the trains Aug11

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