Sunday, August 1, 2010

The weekend that was.

Please excuse my absence for the last month or so. It's been a pretty full on few weeks and I've needed to take some time out and lie low.
This weekend we took some time out and went to the beach house with my parents. Tobes and I took the opportunity to go on a little date. Dating isn't really something that Tobes and I did throughout our 'courtship'- we tended to just hang out at home, play backgammon and occassionally cook something, so actually 'going out' isn't normal for us. It's something that we're working to improve on now!
So on Saturday afternoon we took off to find somewhere nice for afternoon tea. We decided to stop at Darling Park (photo creditin Red Hill. It was a small, boutique vineyard whose roadside sign mentioned they had a cafe- perfect! We went in for a coffee and snack but were promptly advised that they do terrible coffee (and don't make people pay 90% of the time!) and that we should stick to a wine tasting because they do good wine! We couldn't argue with that and so enjoyed a range of their whites. They were quite good, particularly the pinot gris, but we chose not to make a purchase that time. 
We did however enjoy one of their sweet treats each- a warm chocolate brownie with nuts. Yum! They did ask if we wanted a tea or coffee. When we declined the other woman seemed relieved and said, "that's good because I make a terrible coffee!". It must be true!

Mum and dad visited Flinders when we were out and (while dad slept in the car) mum went to our favourite shop there, Former Glory, and bought me a cute wire heart photo holder. I just need to find the right place for it!

Dinner last night was home made pizza. There's something therapeutic about making breads and doughs- adding the yeast and watching the dough rise. We sat it by the fire so it was extra warm which worked quite well. It was my first time making the dough from scratch and it worked ok. There's certainly room for improvement but I think it was a good starting point.  I'll let you know how the next batch works!

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