Thursday, April 26, 2012

A special visit

At the end of the school holidays, Tilly and I had a special visit from an ex-student of mine, her mum and little sister. Poor Chloe was sick when we went to school to visit so her mum Kim and I arranged a morning where they could visit and meet Matilda.

I was quite excited I have to say. There is something very special about working with children for a year and then watching them grow over the years and catching up on their news either walking around on yard duty or now, by emails and letters.   I can't say that I miss going to work each day, but I do miss these relationships with the kids.

I know that we'll still get to see these guys at least once a year when they come to the community Carols by Candlelight that I usually sing at. I'm glad for that!  Thank you Kim for the chat and for bringing the girls over. And thank you Chloe and Lilly for Tilly's toys. Those staring eyes on the toy get her attention!

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