Saturday, April 28, 2012

project gratitude: 0428

April 28- Today I am grateful that Tilly had a good afternoon sleep and that I could get out of the house without her. I bought up big at the green grocers. I can't wait to make lots of yummy juices with the juicer we've been leant. :) Today was apple and celery.
I'm grateful to God for answering my prayers last night and helping Tilly to sleep when moved out of my arms and for the compounding pharmacy who's colic/reflux compound seems to be helping.
Also grateful for a nice morning coffee with Toby's mum today with Tilly.
And that Toby's on the mend.
And for a happy birthday and housewarming gathering for Wally.
And for community... Bumping into 2 families from our little street at the shops today. :)
Lots clearly!!!

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